The Yellow Frames

Feb 01, 2021

These days, moments can be captured in so many different ways. A flash, a click- your moment is saved, no matter what the medium. The uniqueness of the process lies in what has been captured, and travelling makes for many special, unrepeatable moments. Landmarks set the most picturesque scenes, with signature places making your then-location unquestionable. A great way to catch moments is with iconic yellow frames.

Cape Town is renowned for its large yellow frames, which mimic an actual photo frame and capture the different sides of Table Mountain. Each frame, all made of metal, has its exact coordinates printed on it, rendering your picture timeless. The Cape even has a yellow frame tour, where you can travel throughout the region and take memorable images at each one. The idea is that at each location you experience the uniqueness the town has to offer.

The yellow frame tour is not the only journey you should take to capture that perfect moment. At Bakubung Bush Lodge in the Pilanesberg National Park, we are proud to have one of our own. Overlooking a watering hole and serene lush mountains, it is the ideal bush location to freeze a moment in time. There may even be some of the Big 5 behind the fence, guzzling their nectar in your photo. It's a place where one can make limitless memories.

If you're looking for your next moments-to-capture adventure, try Bakubung Bush Lodge. The relaxing vibe will soothe your worries, the stunning cuisine will tantalise your taste buds, and the bush adventures will leave you flushed with excitement- immortalise these moments in a picture with our yellow frame. Tag us in your photo - @bakubungbushlodge - and allow us to share your in precious magic moments with you.

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