Winter Skincare

May 29, 2022

Cold Weather Care from Head to Toe!

The winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin, from low temperatures, the cold wind, going in and out of heated cars, houses and offices, scratchy scarves, there is no wonder our skin is feeling like a desert and basically screaming for relief. When skin is denied moisture, two things can happen: surface skin becomes dehydrated and chapped while beneath the surface, oil glands compensate by producing more oil. The oil and dirt become trapped in the dry surface layers. This can lead to breakouts and irritation.

To counteract the beginning of winter skin blahs:

Daily Cleansing: Use a soft, creamy cleanser which effectively removes eye make-up and dirt collected during the day from the skin whilst hydrating the surface layers of the skin like the BABOR Gentle Cleansing Milk, most ideal for a fragile and dry skin. To combat dehydration and to sooth irritated skin, try the iS Clinical Cream Cleanser for a deep cleansing and soothing effect. And don’t forget to layer your serums as we discussed last month, for and intensive hydration and radiant glow.

Exfoliation: Don’t be afraid to exfoliate your face and body. Regular facial exfoliation speeds up the cell turnover process, which allows the body to produce moisture bearing properties like hyaluronic acid. Exfoliation also helps plump the skin by speeding up elastin and collagen production. I recommend using a resurfacing agent such as glycolic acid found among others in the *QMS ACTIVE EXFOLIANT* 11% Resurfacing Fluid. Commonly derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid dissolves dead surface skin cells, instead of peeling or scrubbing, signalling the body to replace them with new, plump ones. For body use a dry brush, here we recommend the ELEMIS Body Detox Skin Brush** made of high quality Cactus bristles and salt glow scrub, are among the techniques used in conjunction with ingredients including grape seed, sugar, and clay.

Masks: Masks play an important role in restoring nutrients and protective antioxidants they help skin fight effects of overexposure to cold, dry air. Try applying an overnight mask to support the skin during the night to achieve a tighter, firmer and smoother appearance in the morning. Put moisture back into your skin with *Babor pro youth overnight mask* for an intensively moisturized and more supple skin while the luxurious QMS EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Foam Mask** has been inspired by the recent findings in epigenetic science to help keep skin cells active for longer.

Protection: Cold or sun, winter or summer don’t forget sunblock! Apply a full spectrum, moisturizing sunscreen daily to all exposed skin, which often includes our faces, neck, ears, hands, and forearms. *QMS cellular sun shield SPF 50+ is a powerful formulation with balanced UVA/UVB sun protection and an innovative DNA-repair complex. *BABOR Protect Cellular Protecting BalmSPF 50 offers protection against UVA/B radiation, IR and blue light (HEV) radiation if you spend your days inform of a computer screen while *the iS Clinical ECLIPSE SPF 50+ is available in Translucent or PerfecTint Beige, provides superior water-resistant broad spectrum protection and is an ultra-sheer, lightweight formula that absorbs quickly for a non-greasy matte finish.

These are some of our favorite products to soothe winter skin and stay hydrated, refreshed, and radiant straight through to springtime!
Join us this month for a Spa getaway and ensure Optimal skin Hydration +++ at your Legacy Balance Spa of choice. We will gently polish away dull skin cells with an invigorating Himalaya salt scrub infused with a blend of coconut oil and sandalwood to reduce dryness, followed by a relaxing massage using heated coconut oil that will penetrate quickly into the skin for intense hydration.

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