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Feb 26, 2021

Admirable leaders are humble. They work hard in silence and let their leadership make the noise, but they don’t shy away from being vulnerable. They know pride is concerned with who is right and humility is concerned with what is right. They are about service to others in the most meaningful ways. They encourage others to show their gifts, share their skillset and work from their strengths.

This is the kind of leader our industry aspires to follow and someday emulate; we have such a woman blazing the trail, her name is Lynn-Ann from BABOR SA.

Pursuing her dreams with a powerful intention and sense of purpose, a young skincare therapist in 1991, at the age of 23 took a leap and bought BABOR SA. Starting out as a very small company consisting of just 3 members, Lynn-Ann headed up the business development sector with ingenuity and a vision to take the skincare industry in RSA to new mighty heights.

With a unique ability to open the minds and touch the hearts of her audiences, she combines her experience in the business world with her understanding of how people and teams’ function - and uses this knowledge to help individuals and Babor stockists thrive. Lynn-Ann has committed to continuously uplift and empower women, and through her style of leadership, she has helped groom many women to become leaders in their fields. BABOR SA is testimony to this and in 2021 they consist of 84% female employees.

In 2018 Lynn-Ann, directing BABOR SA, introduced the first female internship to empower young women entering the workplace by providing them with the tools to survive and thrive. Lynn-Ann, along with BABOR SA, is continually involved in projects both big and small to empower women in all walks of life. And she will continue to elevate women and empower staff, business owners and therapists alike while having a conscious approach to skincare and growing her business and brand.

Lynn-Ann’s internships will help many participants pave the way for more successful, productive, and high functioning business relationships, resulting in increased productivity which in turn will coach others to develop and work on their potential.

In celebration of Lynn-Ann and BABOR SA successes, our promotion this month brings forward the best of this mindful and result-driven product.

Vision 2 Reality in 1,2,3 Step-by-step: Bring your body and mind into balance. Step 1: Full body exfoliation smooths the skin; Step 2: Indulgent back, neck and shoulder massage soothes aching muscles; Step 3: Vitalising express facial brings total balance to the body. Package time 90 Mins; R 950 per person. Available for the month of March 2021 and subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.

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