Seema Singh

Apr 29, 2021

Meet Seema Singh, our Cost Controller. Seema loves working with her colleagues in the accounts team and is very admin driven, always succeeding in her tasks.

Seema’s original dream was to be an Air Hostess, and she went on to study Travel & Tourism. In 2006, Emirates Airlines was holding interviews in Gauteng. Seema was accepted, driving down from Kwa-Zulu Natal for her interview. Seema was called for a second & third interview, passed the exam and got offered the job. However, Seema turned the offer down after getting engaged, as she wanted to spend more time with her fiancé.

Seema loves baking but openly admits that she is probably one of the worst bakers around! She searches for recipes, follows all the instructions to a “T”, yet her desserts are always a disaster. Seema is a brilliant dancer, having taken lessons before, and particularly enjoys dancing to hip hop and Bollywood music. Seema also loves carnival rides.

Seema's favourite colour is sky blue, which is just as bright as her dazzling smiles (also known as virtual hugs). Her favourite quote is “Be kind to others” because she believes that everyone you meet is fighting their own battle.

Seema's mentors are her managers as they listen, they understand, they encourage and they motivate her. Most importantly, they believe in her.

Say hi to Seema next time you are at DAVINCI Hotel & Suites

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