Secret Eats

Jun 19, 2019

Experience a curated culinary event like never before! Secret Eats is the ultimate one-of-a-kind dinner in which experienced chefs craft menus to delight palates, the interesting catch is that guests do not know the location until they arrive.

Created in 2013 in Cape Town, the aim was to provide platforms to rising talents and top chefs and unite people through their mutual love of food. The Secret Eats dinners then spread to Johannesburg and now to Vietnam. Each dinner is held in a secret location, the most recent of which took place at Legacy Hotels DAVINCI Hotel and Suites Penthouse in Sandton with the 4-course menu expertly crafted by Chef Sylvester of Maximillien.

Some of the dishes included a tasting plate of beef bilton and blue cheese, smoked salmon and bean curd and chocolate and berry infused duck tarts, another delight included steamed bread served with slow cooked beef fillet and a red wine glaze. Each dish was paired with Anura wines. The evening finished off with a sweet treat for the eyes and the stomach in the Chef’s stylish dessert table.

In order to be a part of the event you need to request an invite from the Secret Eats website and only on the morning of the event is the location revealed. “We pride ourselves on working with some of the most talented chefs in the country and finding the most unique spaces to host our secret dinners. Our experiences have been hosted in private homes overlooking the ocean in Llundadno to warehouse spaces in Observatory, and private beaches in Hoi An. Every one is completely unique and we guarantee truly unforgettable.”

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