Meet Wendy Hadebe

Feb 09, 2024

Meet Wendy Hadebe, the Culinary Maestro Behind Your Delicious Davinci Moments! From Durban kitchens to international adventures, Wendy Hadebe brings a decade of culinary expertise and a heart full of passion to her new role as Davinci Hotel & Suites' Executive Sous Chef.

Born and raised in Durban, Wendy's journey began with a dream of recipe and product development. However, a twist of fate landed her in a hotel kitchen, and she instantly fell in love with the fast-paced environment and the joy of creating dishes that delighted guests.19b114a8-62be-4b65-b2a0-078c7ef30077.JPG

Her career since has been a delicious tapestry of experiences. From America to Europe and the Caribbean, Wendy has immersed herself in diverse cultures and cuisines, honing her skills and broadening her culinary horizons. This global journey has now led her to Davinci, where she's eager to share her creativity and authenticity on your plate.

But Wendy's not just about food; she's a vibrant personality who thrives on life's adventures. When she's not orchestrating culinary masterpieces, you'll find her spending time with family, exploring new experiences, or chasing adrenaline rushes (skydiving is next on her list!).

Here's a peek into what makes Wendy tick:

  • Twin Power: Did you know she has a twin? Double the fun, double the talent!
  • Shades of Green: Green in all its hues is her happy color, reflecting her love for nature and fresh ingredients.
  • Daughterly Delights: Her daughter is her sunshine, always bringing a smile to her face.
  • Globe Trotter: With 14 countries under her belt and more to come, her wanderlust is insatiable.
  • "Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It" is her motto, encouraging culinary exploration and open-mindedness.
  • "I get to be myself in the kitchen, no filter" perfectly captures her passion for creating memorable experiences through her craft.

We're thrilled to have Wendy onboard, and we can't wait for you to savour her culinary creations. So, next time you dine at Davinci, be sure to ask for Wendy and say hello! She's not just a chef; she's the secret ingredient behind your unforgettable Davinci dining experience.

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