Madiba's Dessert

Jan 14, 2019

Trifle with a twist? For those of you who have dined at The Michelangelo you are probably well acquainted with the jaw dropping crème brûlée served in a literal puff of smoke. To continue to honour the legacy of Madiba, we decided to give his favourite dessert the same pride of place, and the strawberry trifle itself arrives at your table in the same glorious steamy haze.

“As we celebrate the legacy of someone who was undoubtedly South Africa’s greatest leader. As connoisseurs of fine dining and fine living, we decided to celebrate Madiba in the best way we know how – through an exhibition of food while giving back to one of our preferred charities,” states Heinrich Oberholzer, food and beverage manager at The Michelangelo.

“We have so many visitors who just pop in for a crème brûlée, so we thought let’s give Madiba’s favourite dessert the same treatment. The result is amazing. Not only is it a sight to behold but this is no ordinary trifle, as it has been lovingly created by our award-winning chef, Chef Trevor Boyd and his team.”

If you happen to find yourself in Sandton or anywhere near the Nelson Mandela Square, don’t forget to make your way to The Michelangelo and be sure to ask for “Madiba’s Strawberry Trifle” not only will it delight your sense of sight, smell and taste but will definitely look great on your Instagram.

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