Isaac Seabi

Mar 23, 2021

Meet Isaac Seabi, our Assistant Concierge. Isaac finds that he often looks too serious in person, masking his joyous and lively personality. He loves to go dancing and to celebrate the beauty of life.

Red is Isaac's favourite colour, and seeing its brightness always gives him energy and cheers him up. Isaac enjoys a good cup of coffee, which motivates him for whichever task is ahead.

Isaac got into the industry through his family, as most of them work in either hospitality or tourism, and for them, it is a lifestyle and a passion. His father was also a chef, further instilling in Isaac's aspiration to join the industry.

Isaac enjoys the intensity of the problem solving and multitasking which he is required to do in his job. He loves it when his guests have an excellent time at DAVINCI. Isaac is a critical thinker, so making the most of his skills brings him joy.

Isaac is also a realist, so it comes as no surprise that his life motto is "It is what it is". This motto reminds him that anything can happen and that each unpredictable task, or situation, can be overcome with a focused, positive mindset.

Say hi to Isaac next time you are at DAVINCI Hotel & Suites.

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