May 26, 2021

Meet Cheryldene, our luxurious Legacy Balance Spa's Coordinator. Cheryldene loves that she gets to interact with all different types of people, from different cultures and backgrounds. It is one of her favourite parts of the job; the human connection.

Cheryldene loves nature and exploring it in her free time. As Cheryldene is a family orientated person, she most enjoys her hobbies when they're spent with her loved ones. She loves to travel whenever possible, and have simple weekends where she has picnics in the park with her family, and they feed the ducks in the nearby dam. With her love of the outdoors, it makes sense that her favourite colour is green.

The smile of a child never fails to brighten Cherldene's day, with their pure love radiating sunshine through even her darkest clouds. The smile she loves the most is that of her own child.

Cheryldene also wants to learn to speak many different languages so that she is able to better communicate with the people of different cultures that walk through the spa's doors. Her life motto is: "You're never too old to learn".

Say hi to Cheryldene on your next visit to DAVINCI Hotel & Suites.

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