The Chef's Table

Feb 25, 2019

There is something quite fantastic being cooked up in the kitchens at Sandton’s iconic Michelangelo Hotel. The chef’s table experience brings guests up close and personal with the chefs who prepare their gourmet meals and provides them with a rare opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes.

The talented and award-winning Chef Trevor Boyd heads the team of chefs that prepare mouth watering gourmet meals for the small group of guests who get to attend the exclusive Chef’s Table events. And what delectable treats do they get to enjoy? Well, that’s a surprise.

“Each course is revealed only when it’s served. Guests are also encouraged to get into aprons and chef hats, have a tour of the kitchen and interact with the chefs. Dinner is, of course, served in the Michelangelo Hotel kitchen along with a selection of estate wines,” explains Chef Trevor Boyd.

The Chef’s Table experience is designed to bring out the true gourmet in anyone attending and provides a chance for chef and guests alike to get creative. It’s a rare glimpse into the bustling world of a gourmet kitchen from plating methods all the way through to the culinary show that is part of the gourmet cooking extravaganza.

Guests can choose from either a 6 course or 8 course dining event for up to 10 people. It’s both immersive and fun. Plus, it’s not often that diners get a chance to have one-on-one time with gourmet chefs in their own kitchen.

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