Bongani Maseko

Jun 24, 2021

Meet Bongani Maseko, one of our most efficient waitrons. Bongani is easy to approach and loves making conversation with customers, and learning more about the world through their eyes.

Bongani loves laughter, always ensuring that guests have the most positively memorable experiences after having spent time with him - he simply loves making jokes.

Bongani likes connecting with those he is close to, such as family and friends, listening to his favourite music, treating himself to a bite to eat at his favourite restaurant, or simply finding ways to laugh, and his idea of a great day is when he gets to watch his favourite sports live or on TV.

Bongani has big dreams of becoming his own boss one day as he has always had leadership skills and a creative, focused mind.

Bongani's life motto is simple - "Keep calm and carry on". It reminds him to stay focused through life, and not let any distractions get in the way of his dreams.

Say hi to Bongani on your next visit to DAVINCI Hotel & Suites.

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