Bakubung Spa

May 03, 2019

Ah, the beautiful African bush. It is something that you must experience first-hand to truly understand and Legacy’s property, Bakubung Bush Lodge is one of the best places to see it. Bakubung has for years been providing local and international visitors with exceptional bush experiences within the rich expanses of the malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park.

Set where the Big 5 roam, a mere two hour drive from the cosmopolitan Johannesburg, Bakubung or “People of the Hippo”, has a level of comfort and luxury that you may find surprising in the midst of the African bush.

Spoil yourself like never before

But now it offers even more… Nestled on a hillside overlooking the breath taking Pilanesberg National Park, is the Bakubung Bush Spa. A mere two hours from Sandton, this tranquil oasis is where nature and nurture combine to result in the ultimate level of relaxation and mind and body balance. This, the newest addition to the Legacy Balance spa portfolio, exemplifies its continuing pursuit of the ultimate knowledge of and practice in the “wellness” and “relaxation” industries and will bring guests at the lodge the ideal setting in which to unwind during their stay.

Legacy Balance has chosen the ideal location for the spa. Set on a hillside from which guests at the spa will have unbelievable views of Bakubung Bush Lodge and the Pilanesberg National Park, this is the most beautiful Balance spa yet. The exquisitely unique and natural feel of the architecture blends magnificently with the wonder that is the Pilanesberg bushveld.

Be prepared to be spoiled! The tranquil interior and quietly peaceful environment, which is complimented by the sounds of Africa from the humming of cicadas to cricket sounds and the gentle warm winds moving through the grass and trees – is an experience like no other. Treatment beds have been strategically positioned just metres from the game fence so that guests can take in the view during sessions. Here, Legacy Balance’s skilled therapists combine their knowledge and expertise, with nature just feet away. The experience will leave you completely relaxed and spellbound by the power of nature and nurture working as one.

A bit of background

Bakubung Spa opened its doors on the 27 November 2015 and has since been wowing its visitors with Signature Spa therapies, award-winning products, a serene and calming environment, world-class therapists and its ozone vitality pool all set in magnificently designed interiors. Bakubung Spa is open all year round and focuses on nurturing its guests in an environment beneficial to achieving complete physical and mental well being. We urge you to pay a visit as soon as you get the chance. Click here to find out more:

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