Women's Month Love

Jul 26, 2022

August is Women’s Month, the perfect excuse to celebrate the women in our lives. Been part of the movement towards female empowerment and celebrating the inspirational women in our lives, whether at home or at work, gets us very excited! Mothers, daughters, cousins, best friends, or wives. So how can we tell our favorite woman that we love her and make her feel great? Here’s Legacy Balance’s cheat sheet for loving her in so many different ways!

Couple’s Massage Casual reminder: a couple’s massage isn’t just for romantic partners. Don’t get us wrong, you’re welcome to take your romantic partner to the spa for a joint hot stone massage. But you can also join your mom, sister, or best friend for a bonding session. There’s no act more intimate in a platonic way than getting pampered with your favorite person. You know that you’re helping them relax and recharge in the way they deserve, all the while also joining in on the spa day and making beautiful memories along the way. Our recommendation? Try our monthly promo: Meet me @ the Spa as a couple’s massage, and have a rejuvenating lunch afterward in one of our celebrated restaurants. That could include you too!

Sleep Improvement Massage If peppermint is not your thing, try a deeply relaxing sleep-improvement massage that uses acupressure to stimulate the pineal gland, the body’s sleep center, and induce an all-seeing, dreamlike bliss. Great for sleep conditions, jetlag or restlessness. This soothing and relaxing massage features a unique rolling technique (using ostrich eggs filled with baobab seeds) that mimic the sound of the waves that will lull you into a blissful relaxed state using our warm relaxing aromatherapy oils. Our recommendation? A must have every four weeks.

Fire and Ice Facial A clinically active treatment system designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing, softening and encouraging cellular renewal. Known in the US as the ‘Red Carpet Facial Treatment,” simply put even two weeks after the treatment your skin will still be smooth and bright. Our Recommendation? the perfect treatment before a special occasion!

Scrubs & Exfoliation You might be thinking it’s still August and I am buried in layers and long sleeves “Why do I need to exfoliate? Trust us you do! An exfoliating treatment or scrub is the perfect remedy for tired, dull winter skin. It will help you look your best in the coming warmer months. The truth is, a regular routine of exfoliation at a spa, is essential for smooth, beautiful skin. Our recommendation: whenever you are at your favorite spa or travelling the world, check out the versions of exfoliations in different cultures, exfoliation has taken over the spa globe and each country has put its own spin on the scrub. Your skin will glow so why not dive in face first?

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