Troutbeck Greenhouse

Nov 07, 2018

The Troutbeck Resort's four hundred square meter greenhouse is an exciting new venture made chiefly of transparent 200 micron plastic material in which tomato plants are grown.

The idea behind the greenhouse is to organically produce off season crops for the hotel which is difficult to grow otherwise due to the low temperatures at the Resort. The greenhouse helps to shield the crops from excess cold, rain water and unwanted pests.

The tomato crop grown at the hotel is highly organic with the manure produced from the hotels eco-compost. In this compost all biodegradable waste material from the hotels kitchen is left to decompose producing high quality organic manure which increases the soil organic matter content and improves the soil structure.

These organic farming practices include compost applications, reduced tillage, and the use of mechanical controls to manage pests and diseases. Troutbeck guests are free to visit the organic garden and can look foward to enjoying the fresh organic vegetables from the organic garden.

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