Tlhabologa Mesalane

Feb 26, 2021

Meet Tlhabologa Mesalane, one of our top Reservationists! She loves receiving positive reviews from her guests as they portray how devoted and dedicated she is to her job. This motivates her to push herself harder and always provide the exceptional service of which guests have come to know her for.

Tlhabologa's favourite colour adapts and changes according to her present circumstances, such as life events and her mood. As Tlhabologa’s life has been bright lately, she is feeling great. Her current favourite colour is mustard yellow!

This Autumn-like colour makes sense as we embrace this next season, but also because the one thing that always cheers Tlhabologa up is her little vegetable patch. The creation of it and seeing its growth brings her peace. Something that doesn't give her comfort though is chocolate. She doesn't like anything chocolate flavoured.

Tlhabologa does, however, love reading. She believes in alchemists, and her current favourite book is "When everything changes, change everything" by Neale Donald Walsh. She enjoys books that feed her soul and mind.

Her motto perfectly describes who she is as a person: "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."

Say hi to Tlhabologa on your next visit to DAVINCI Hotel & Suites.

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