Time for a walk

Mar 25, 2019

Our guides love sharing their adventures and tales. Read on to find out more about a recent walk at Kwa Maritane.

At Kwa Maritane we always have very informative and enjoyable walks within the Pilanesberg Game Reserve due to the highly qualified Trail Guides working at the lodge. Recently we had one of those walks that stood out a little bit more out than the rest.

We took a party of three guests out and after doing our safety briefing with them, we set off on foot. About 15 minutes into the walk we heard a sound coming from a thicket of trees about 80 metres to our right. I immediately stopped the group and focussed all my attention on the thicket.

We got to watch a breeding herd of about 30 elephants slowly starting to make their appearance out of the thicket. After realising that we did not pose a threat to them, they started to relax and carried on walking down a big elephant pathway, the same path we were on at first. Once the elephants had passed we continued but had to change our direction twice after first encountering fresh lion spoor and again when we spotted a white rhino cow sleeping about 30 metres in front of us.

Towards the end of our walk we had our last and most amazing encounter. We heard some Guinea Fowl making their alarm call and I stopped the group and went ahead to investigate. I slowly and very quietly moved closer to the Guinea Fowl and there it was, a leopard lazing in a tree.

Once back in the safety of the vehicle we could not stop talking about the great walk we had, as it was one of my favorite walks as well. Ultimately, whether on foot or in a vehicle, always respect nature and it will respect you.

Take a walk on the wild side at Kwa Maritane. Plan your adventure here: lstyl.com/ALbx3M

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