Night-time surprise

Sep 14, 2018

What happens in the bush after dark? Our Head Field Guide at Bakubung Bush lodge Jared Reid went out in search of what happens when the sun goes down.

Recently we were lucky enough to enjoy a remarkable experience at Bakubung Bush Lodge. As the sun was setting over the beautiful rolling hills of Pilanesberg National Park, we came across a lioness lying in wait for her prey.

I heard a gasp from one of the guests behind me on the truck we were in. Suddenly we noticed a zebra approaching and all fell silent as we waited with bated breath to see what would unfold. In the blink of an eye, the lioness seized her moment and pounced.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of cover and was too hasty with the hunt. She gave chase, which left us in awe as we could only watch in fascination the speed with which these two species were running: one running for its life, and the other chasing to survive.

After the show we drove on, and as night approached, the nocturnal species started the grave yard shift. In the cool air we heard the famous sounds of the fiery necked nightjar calling as the moon shone on the waters of the Mankwe dam. We were also fortunate enough to see a hippo splash and honk as she came out of the water to graze.

We began to make our way back towards our boma when we came across another famous, completely misunderstood creature, and one that is not traditionally found in the Pilanesberg until that very moment: a spotted hyena. This was truly amazing as this species doesn’t occur in the park, yet there it was walking in front of us.

I have tried to find out more as to where it came from but no one knows. That’s the beauty of mother nature. If the habitat is suitable for a specific animal, it will make its way into this incredible reserve. That being said, we have subsequently had quite a few sightings of the hyena around Bakubung Bush Lodge as it walks along the fence line.

The next time you come and visit us at Bakubung, remember to keep your eyes peeled as you never know what intriguing creatures may be lurking in the shadows!

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