Spa Women We Love

Jul 21, 2021

This Women’s Month we celebrate our team, a group of dynamic and highly trained professional women who are dedicated to providing our guests with "incredible, outstanding and unbelievable service", and a touch that will linger long after one has left.

We are "service obsessed".Each member of our team is a vital link in our client service chain.We take pride in customer service, ensuring that our guests feel and look their best. We positively touch the lives of every person with who we come into contact.

Each product that we use we use at our Legacy Balance Spas is carefully chosen. We determine which brands are both accomplished and responsibly impactful in the world of beauty, as well as their international recognition.

We provide an energetic, purposeful and creative environment that encourages individuality and team development by sharing the values of integrity, knowledge, responsibility and dignity. As a team, we measure our service quality and success through the elevated state of being in which our guests emerge from their Legacy Balance Spa experience.

The teams at Bakubung Spa and Kwa Maritane Spa, under the leadership of Berenice, have created a haven for you to reconnect with yourself and completely refresh in nature. You will find harmony and balance to ensure positive and lasting benefits no matter how long you spend with them and within their natural sanctuary. Signature therapies, locally-inspired treatments, rejuvenation and beauty treatments that go beyond the ordinary will dissolve your worries as you surrender to the touch of our expert therapists.

Our teams of skilled therapists at The Leonardo Spa and Davinci Spa continuously fine-tune our signature massages and facial therapies to address the most common concerns. They do this while allowing space for each therapeutic spa treatment to be adapted to your specific needs. Team leaders Lesego, Phina and Refilwe will guide you towards optimum well-being.

What is better than a spa day?

The Leonardo Spa and Davinci Spa, both situated in the heart of Sandton, also each offer the potential for 5-star sleepovers. The evening will be the cherry on top of a day at the spa, or it can provide you with the opportunity for two days at the spa.

Who doesn’t want to stress less, think more clearly and reconnect with who they were before the madness of 2020/1. At Legacy Balance Spas, our team of healing women combine the old with the new in the pursuit of your wellness, well-being and peace.

We encourage you to come journey with us.

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