Apr 12, 2019

This year we will be sharing stories of the wonderful employees of Swakopmund Hotel. First on our journey is Fredrick Daniel who has worked at Legacy for 18 years.

My journey began on the 1st of April 2001 as a cleaner and I am now the assistant Food and Beverage Manager at the Swakopmund Hotel. I held various position during my time with the company, some years ago I was a casual during school holidays and in 2001 I become permanent as a cleaner and then linen porter, waiter, night audit, night Manager and now Assistant Food and beverage Manager.

I was born in Windhoek on the 31st of December 1981. I was raised by my grandmother who worked for the Kalahari Sand Hotel located at centre of Windhoek. I come from a family that is not that well off or not wealthy. I grew up in Windhoek and speak Oshikwanyama,Otjiherero, English, Afrikaans ,and a bit of Damara. I am the first born of my mother and I have three sisters, my mum passed away in 2003 due to HIV/AIDS. I only came to know who my father was at the age of 33 years in a town called Outjo, he was very old by then, he was 76 years. My father showed me around then town and to his former employer and at Outjo Lodge, he was the head chef there some years ago. My father also told me that he worked in Swakopmund at Gruner Cranz Hotel, Hansa Hotel and the Touring Hoof Hotel as a chef. Naturally from my grandmother and my father’s influence made me choose this industry.

I chose SHEC as I believe I have the opportunity to grow. What I did to ensure my growth with the company is very simple, regardless of any position I was in during my time with the company I gave 100% at all time, and when I failed, I used that as lesson. The support I got from my senior management contributed a lot to my success as they made me aware and trusted and believed in and because of that I didn’t want to disappoint them. With the company’s help I received a certificate in Reception Procedure, labour related certificates and a Diploma in Food and Beverage services, o I will say the company has help me develop 100%.

What kept me at SHEC for so long is that I love the industry, the team at SHEC and the fact that at Legacy one does grows as they really do care about their employees. One of my most memorable moments is when I was nominated as employee of the month within my 5th month at the company while I was still a cleaner and that has really made me give in my 100% every day. My motto is, love your work at all times as that leads to your growth.

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