Rejuvenation Time

Sep 22, 2021

Your Favourite Treatment Awaits!

We’ve been deemed non-essential, closed temporarily and revamped our spas with stringent cleaning protocols, masks for all, disposables for all, fogging, spraying and touchless payment options. Now it’s time to get back to business, but how do we assure you during a time when the majority of us are afraid of close personal contact?

The thing is, there’s no going back to the way we were before, I understand that. The pandemic has caused a shift resulting in some people choosing to shy away from spa services in a way we’ve not experienced before.

It is these same people that so desperately need the mental and physical rejuvenation a visit to the spa can give. Legacy Balance has learnt a lot from the rollercoaster ride of the past 18 months, primarily how to do what we do in the safest and most hygienic manner. We are offering vital spa services, with unique, problem-solving treatments and what is more, we do them better than anyone else.

Why is what we offer STILL important?

  • The intensity of life, especially city life, is overwhelming the body's ability to deal with stress.
  • Stress lowers your immune response at a time that you need it most.
  • We have become so locked into the stress response that the body has almost forgotten what true relaxation is.
  • When the body is calm and starts to sink into a deep relaxation, then deep restoration, recovery, and rejuvenation start to happen.

What do we have to offer that is unique?

  • Combinations of all aspects of SPA: from total relaxation to aesthetic treatments, creative and personalised therapies.
  • Legacy Balance has a selection of exceptional Spas waiting to help you escape to the ideal place, where you can step far away from the everyday, and discover transforming and relaxing experiences, tailored to your unique needs.

What problems do we solve and for whom?

  • Our excellent team is there to help with your unique wellness concerns - our skincare professionals excel in customising treatments to your skincare and body therapy demands.
  • We recognise that skincare and body therapy is not a one size fits all; everyone is unique, from the nature of their breakouts, dry skin and signs of ageing, or simply in their requirements from the perfect massage.

How do we do it is better than anyone else?

  • COMMUNICATION is the key! Our therapists pride themselves on engaging with you to discover what you really desire from your visit to the spa.
  • Our Spa Menus form the basis for conducting your symphony of treatments. With your direction, we will polish, buff, relax, relieve stress and perfectly groom.
  • With Signature Spa therapies, award-winning products, serene and calming environments, luxury robes and linen, complimentary water, skilled and committed therapists, and hydro facilities, our team of experts meet every guest's needs with sensitivity and consistency.
  • Our monthly PROMOTIONS are tailored to the season and offer a combination of our superior services for even more affordable prices. Book the OCTOBER PROMO and you will “Have it All” this Spring!

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*Hygiene has always been a cornerstone of the Legacy Balance approach to all things spa. We have added protocols in place for your health and safety and the wellness of our staff. Furthermore, all Legacy Balance Staff are vaccinated!

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