Pack for the Bush

Apr 15, 2019

There's somthing truly magical about experiencing Africa in the wilderness, with the stars as your canopy and the sounds of trickling water and wildlife as your soundtrack. Packing for the adventure can be tricky as the daytime temperatures run hot, with a dip at night. So if you're heading to the bush soon, read on and let us be your guide.

Having said earlier that South Africa is not all about safaris, we’ll backtrack just a tad to say that “the bush” – meaning game parks and game reserves – is nevertheless a major part of the country’s appeal and its people’s lifestyle, and undoubtedly one of its greatest tourist attractions. No trip to this country is complete without a visit to the bush.

Safari style never, ever goes out of fashion. So scratch around in the back of your closet before heading out to the mall, and look to such classic movies as “Out of Africa” and “I Dreamed of Africa” for inspiration, and you simply can’t go wrong.

As for colours, it’s back to nature. Think ‘blending in’ rather than ‘standing out’. This is as much a fashion imperative in the bush as a survival tactic that may prevent you being singled out as a viable lunch menu item by one of the country’s great predators. Stone, browns, beige, and of course that most enduring of safari colours, Khaki are the palette you’ll want to work with.

Pants are a must for men and women alike, and for reasons more practical than modish – they’ll protect you from plants and critters that hook, bite and sting. Whether they’re pleated or plain; skinny, straight or wide-leg; or even cargo-style, however, is a matter of taste. Shoes of course should be equally protective, though no less fashionable, and for all the same reasons. The good old safari jacket with its multiple pockets and structured look, worn over a white cotton crew neck t-shirt is a great option.

Of course every good daytime safari should end with sundowners, followed by an evening of elegant, fine dining, before retiring to sit on logs around a campfire and enjoy the legendary storytelling abilities of your local guide or game ranger. If you discerned from this description that you’ll need at least two outfits and possibly three per evening, bravo! You’re a fashionista-extraordinaire and tales of your prowess in this regard may very well make it to the fireside in future.

As discussed days in the bush are typically warm through sizzling hot, nights in the bush can range from hot, to fresh and even freezing, so do pack accordingly.

By now it should be perfectly clear that half the fun of your trip to South Africa will lie in the planning and packing of the perfect wardrobe. It should also be clear that while you should take heed of the seasonal temperatures for the period you’ll be travelling, you will nevertheless need to pack for the polar opposite of what the weatherman is predicting for your holiday. All that’s left to say then cher fashionistas is: bonne chance, bon voyage and we trust you will enjoy la belle vie en Afrique du Sud.

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