New Year Solutions

Jan 04, 2022

We are “Anti-Resolutions” for a Healthy New Year

Happy 2022! Another year is behind us. The season of eating and holidaying has drawn to a close. Now what? As per usual we’re cuing up that long list of resolutions we made last year: Join a gym, stop smoking, meditate, lose weight… This year let’s start small so that our goals won’t be orphaned by March. This year we make solutions not resolutions.

New Solution: “I’m going to lose...” Smaller, more attainable numbers will keep you rewarded and motivated throughout your process. When you feel like you’ve achieved success and you can get some “wins” behind you, you will be inspired to stay on track and reach the end goal. Surround yourself with people who will champion your goals and find activities you love to do and will actually stay with.

New Solution: “I’m going to be conscious of what I put in my body” Not only do we overeat, we aren’t respecting our bodies or the food that goes into them. When we practice watchful eating, we end up eating less and the quality of our food skyrockets. Focus on the timing of your meals. Reserve your largest meal for the time of day when your body has been pushed to its physical limits, every meal before or after will gradually get smaller.

New Solution: “I’m going to unplug for 30 minutes everyday” This year I am resolved to unchain my eyes and my brain from technology for at least 30 min. I have started a no technology of any kind an hour before bed policy and gone old school with a good book, you know, those heavy things with lots of pages lol.

New Solution: “Must Visit Spas” We made it through the holidays and more importantly we made it through 2021 and survived! Now we deserve to spend time relaxing and restoring ourselves in preparation for the year ahead and throughout the year. And there’s no better place to do that than a spa. This month’s hot promo is the perfect way to start your new year with a new you. With calming and stress reducing notes of orange blossom and lavender scents wafting through spa treatment rooms, and hallways no one can resist a visit to one of our Spas this January.

We all have it in us to master these small things. When you have success with those, maybe add one more, by winter you could have three more brand new goals. Never stop evolving and continue to challenge yourself mentally and physically. We look forward to hearing about all your wins in the upcoming months, let us know!

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