Legacy's Sandton

Nov 25, 2019

The 90’s were the start of something new for South Africa and it’s cities. As the times changed and the country grew, the town of Sandton matured with it. In 1994 Sandton Square was forged; 10 years later the grand statue of Nelson Mandela would be placed there, and its name would consequently change to Nelson Mandela Square. In 1996 the Michelangelo arose, expanding the area once more. It was the first hotel on the now Nelson Mandela Square; and with that, a Legacy was born.

Legacy Hotels & Resorts prominence began with the creation of The Michelangelo Hotel. With an antique yet nouveau look and feel, the elaborate Michelangelo continues to takes guests on an imaginary journey through time to the opulent Renaissance era. One could imagine Gatsby and Daisy dancing there, with its dreamlike quality and romantic ambiance. Lovers propose to their sweethearts, and weddings are thrown to celebrate that love. At high teas, champagne is sipped and laughter flows; the spread is reminiscent of the flapper ages.

The regal golden lion situated in the lobby represents the elegance and significance that both the hotel and the owners, Legacy Hotels & Resorts, would come to epitomise. With such a presence in Sandton, it only made sense for Legacy to expand its reach in the city.

In 2005, Legacy built and launched The Raphael Penthouse Suites and The Michelangelo Towers, which are both connected to Sandton City as well. The Raphael is inspired by the Upper Manhattan boroughs in New York City. It is a perfect fit for Johannesburg’s counterpart. The modern elegance and sleek style are attractive to those with high-class taste.

The tranquillity of Legacy’s Hotels and Suites in Sandton ensure that they are a quiet oasis from the fast-paced energy of the Square and mall; the perfect place to retire to after a long day. That is just a minor part of why they are frequently full.

The Michelangelo Towers are unique as they are connected to a mall of a similar name. Elaborate, as 5-star residences should be, the Pinnacle of the Towers holds a penthouse suite called The Cupola. This three-story suite is surrounded by windows, and the top floor has a patio edging the circular edifice. The view is 360 degrees and encompasses a rooftop pool looking out over Sandton. Here, one feels as if they could touch the sky.

With this, the Legacy’s passion for accommodation around “Africa’s Richest Square Mile” has continued to amplify. In 2010 Legacy broke their golden mould to create a black and white modern masterpiece; The DaVinci Hotel & Suites. The art is edgy and vibrant in its lack of saturation. Mirrors and stripes, hearts and flowers in black and white; one could imagine a Gucci photoshoot in the lounge. The hotel is a reflection of Sandton City Mall's continued upgrades; the creation of this refreshing hotel showed that Legacy was moving with the times.

And Legacy Hotels & Resorts continues to grow, striving for new heights constantly. The recent formation of The Leonardo, the building that is now the tallest in South Africa, is Legacy’s new beacon of hope for our country and its future. The silver establishment is an artful masterpiece. The inside is brimming with unique art that tells the story of Africa, inspired by the natural elements of this world; Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. These divinities have been created by African artists, making them authentic to the continent. The exterior of this magnificent building shines in the sun, the glass reflecting for Joburg's suburbs to see. The reflection makes it visible for miles away, at all times of day, cementing the building’s beacon status; and Legacy’s along with it.

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