Exploring Swakopmund

May 15, 2019

The coastline of Namibia is an arid and unforgiving one, in fact so much so that it is known by travellers as the Skeleton Coast and by its original inhabitants, the Bushmen, as “The Land God Made in Anger." But in the heart of this stark and often desolate terrain lies a simple jewel of habitation, an oasis, touted by the people of Namibia as a “beach resort” and frequented by locals, travellers, globe trotters and businessmen. This is Swakopmund.

The Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast makes up for the bulk of the Namibian coastline and forms the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Its name was originally derived from the whale and seal bones that once littered the shoreline – due to whaling in and around the area. Today however the name is more a mark of the shipwrecks that can be found along the shoreline. Right along the coast the winds blow from land to sea and rainfall is sparse, with as little as 10mm being reported annually. While in many areas the climate is considered “inhospitable” this is not true for the area around Swakopmund as well as the most northern part of the coastline that is found in the South of Angola. The signature attraction of the Skeleton Coast remains the excellent game fishing in the area, the brilliant surf – making for a surfers paradise, and the excellent photo opportunities the terrain provides.

What to do

Don’t let the name Skeleton Coast fool you, Swakopmund is an adrenaline junkie’s playground and also offers excellent holiday tourist destinations such as tours to the Welwitschia plants, the Cape Fur Seals at Cape Cross, the Swakop River and the life and beauty of the dunes and desert in its surroundings. Other places to visit include a tour of the desert elephant conservation programme, and a trip to the beach. While the waters are cold the beaches are warm and the perfect place for sun worshippers, museums, curio stalls, eateries and cafes also encircle the beach.

Another firm favourite are helicopter rides in the area as well as sand boarding, quad biking and skydiving. One can also pay all the local nightspots a visit, take a horse trail through the desert, enjoy a camel safari, pay the aquarium a visit, hit the surf spots aptly named “Thick Lip” and “The Wreck” as well as “Guns”. You can also take a hot air balloon flight or hop on a micro light, take a walk through the dunes or go bird watching. Guests may also enjoy a trip to the art gallery, tannery, public library, Karakulja Weavers, arts and crafts shop, the camel farm, the angora rabbits farm, Rossing Uranium mine and the Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine, all of which are in close proximity to the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment centre.

Once in your lifetime

Swakopmund and its Skeleton Coast constitute all of the ingredients for a once in a lifetime holiday. Here you can enjoy its palm-lined streets, seaside promenades, nostalgic architecture, world-class accommodation, fine dining, pleasant summer climate and gorgeous beaches. It is not only Namibia’s premier holiday resort, but due to its “holiday” feel, it experiences a literal human migration in the summer months as locals and travellers alike flock to it to enjoy its charm and its reputation as Africa’s adrenaline capital. Experinec all that Swakopmund has to offer, bok your trip now: lstyl.com/8LPiTS

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