Cheetah Escapades

Apr 30, 2021

Recently, some of our lucky guests witnessed a unique, and special sighting from Bakubung’s Villa 3. They relayed their lovely experience to us, and we knew we had to share it with you.

It started on their way back to the villa from Lengau Dam inside the Pilanesberg National Park. As they neared the gate, they noticed two beautiful cheetahs lounging by the road. The cheetahs soon disappeared into the long grass, and our guests continued on their way.

Back at the villa, their view was still that of a storybook. Beside the river was a large herd of impalas, a few zebras and two families of warthogs. While idly enjoying the view, our guests noticed that the two cheetahs had made their way down from the road and were silently approaching the river through the long grass. There they stopped, hiding in the grass behind the impala.

Sensing the cheetahs, the impalas were alerted, staring at the long grass into which the cheetahs had disappeared. The impalas, zebras and warthogs decided to move to thewatering hole next to Bakubung's Marula Grill Restaurant terrace.

After a short while, a couple of warthogs deemed it safe to return, continuing their grazing by the river. Soon after, the cheetah returned. The warthogs were oblivious to the stalking predators, delightfully enjoying their grass under the sun. The cheetahs continued to approach until they were about 20m away from the warthogs.

The cheetah launched towards the warthog, who took off at lightning speed, running towards the watering hole. The cheetah pursued for a hot minute before letting the warthog go; it appeared to be hindered by the tall grass, and had gracefully accepted its defeat.

The cheetah met up with its mate and strolled back into the bush; the sunset glowed, slipping into the horizon along with our guests' glorious afternoon.

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