Cape Malay Cuisine

Feb 01, 2019

Something exciting is happening at the Quarter Kitchen restaurant at the Portswood Hotel. Not only has this iconic restaurant introduced fabulous new dishes, it has also undergone a name change from The Quarterdeck, to simply, Quarter Kitchen. Not only are they celebrating a new intriguing menu, but also the publication of a rather special cookbook packed with sumptuous recipes for traditional Cape Malay meals.

Cape Malay style cooking has, of course, been around for quite some time, having first arrived on our shores in the late 17th Century. The spicy and aromatic dishes prepared by the Malay people were very quickly assimilated into many Cape kitchens. The Quarter Kitchen has spun these well-loved dishes into sophisticated gourmet fare.

“The Quarter Kitchen has taken this popular and traditional style of cooking and added a bit of a gourmet fusion. The favourites are all in the recipe book as well – from daltjes and samoosas to bobotie and hearty chicken curries. The recipes are distinctively South African and something that every dedicated foodie should have on their bookshelf,” says Robert Hodson, General Manager of Marketing and Sales at Legacy Hotels and Resorts.

Gastronomes can bring this extravaganza of colour, flavour and spicy aromas into their own kitchens with the Quarter Kitchen’s simply titled book, “Cape Malay Cuisine”, which is available exclusively at the restaurant itself.

However, if you are not inclined to slave over a hot stove preparing, the Quarter Kitchen is always an option to explore the tempting fusion of gourmet and Cape Malay cooking. And if your friends aren’t fans of Cape Malay cooking, the Quarter Kitchen menu has a gourmet option for every palate. Still, nothing beats authentic Cape Malay cuisine. Make your booking now:

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