Janine Rädel

Dec 01, 2020

Meet Janine Rädel, our General Manager's right-hand lady. She has a shining smile and is the glue that holds our hotel administrative affairs together.

Janine is a grammar and spelling aficionado, so it is no surprise to learn that Janine always achieved 100% in her school spell-a-thons.

Janine adores the décor in our hotel for a simple reason; her favourite colour is white, and the established style at DAVINCI brightens her day with its elegant simplicity! She is an avid runner and despite some limitations, recently ran the 5km Race the Comrades Legends virtual race. Exercise plays a large part in her weekly routine, which is unquestionably why she is so energetic and youthful.

Seldom does Janine need cheering up, but when she does, everyone knows the secret to get her to smile is a Milky Bar chocolate, which she absolutely loves eating.

Even on tough days, Janine continues to live by her motto. “It’s the small acts of kindness that so greatly touch our hearts and lives,” she says. She makes it her personal mission to do little acts of kindness at work and at home every single day.

Janine thoroughly enjoys working with her co-workers and seeing how the power of team effort and staff dedication translates into a happy and memorable experience for guests.

Say hi to Janine during your next visit to DAVINCI Hotel & Suites.

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